Chipper Jones Speaks Out in Favor of Gun Bans and Further Restrictions


As an avid outdoorsman and hunter, it’s no surprise Chipper Jones would be asked to share his thoughts on the latest school shooting, and his opinions on gun control.

According to an Atlanta Journal-Constitution article where columnist Jeff Schultz spoke with Jones at Atlanta Braves spring training camp in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, Jones claims he’s been around guns ever since a young age – even before he’d ever picked up a baseball.

Jones states in the article that he strongly supports the Second Amendment, but can’t wrap his head around civilians owning semiautomatic firearms.

I have no problem with hunting rifles and shotguns and pistols and what-not. But I’m totally against civilians having those kinds of automatic and semiautomatic weapons.

Jones is also behind raising the minimum age for purchasing such firearms from 18 to 21, as we’ve heard being discussed.

When asked about President Trump’s proposal to arm teachers in schools, Jones said:

If you want to up school security with people who’ve been through police training and know what it’s like to draw your weapon when your life is threatened, know when to pull the trigger and when not to, that’s one thing, but I would venture to say if you polled all of the teachers in America, it would be way over 90 percent who would say no.

Jones will likely catch some heat for his remarks, but he’s never been one to shy away or hold anything back. 

The newly elected hall of famer says he still uses guns to hunt with his six boys, although he enjoys hunting with a bow much more these days.

“It’s safer and it’s more sporty,” he claimed.

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