Food Plot Tip: Best Price of the Year on Whitetail Institute Soil Test Kits


When it comes to building nutritious food plots for whitetails, the most important step is taking a soil test. Without a test, you could waste a lot of money on unnecessary fertilizer and lime. The same is true for existing food plots.

Good news: During February 2018, Whitetail Institute offers its best price of the year on its soil test kits. Click here to see the offer. You can buy a single soil test kit for $13.92 (free shipping), or better yet, buy three kits for $41.76 and get one free (same free shipping applies); this reduces the price per kit to only $10.44.

Of course, February contains only 28 days in 2018, so you can’t drag your feet for too long.

The kits are very easy to use; watch the video below to see the steps. Everything you need to conduct the soil test is included in the kit, and you’ll get the test results for your food plot within 1 week (by mail or email).

Finally, you should know that one of the things that sets apart Whitetail Institute from any of the other food plot companies is customer service. They have food plot professionals who answer the phone when you call with soil, weed and seed questions. Dial 800.688.3030 and they’ll answer your questions quickly and honestly, for free.

Don’t plant and hope this spring; take the time to do it right. Start with a soil test.

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