Minnesota State Rep. Linda Slocum Introduces Extreme Gun Ban Bill


Well, we all knew these gun ban bills were working their way down the pipelines, and we finally get a small sample of what they could look like . . . prepare yourselves for this one.

A Facebook post on Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus shows what Rep. Linda Slocum (DFL) has proposed by introducing HF3022:

The bill includes:

  • A 2-day waiting period on all firearm transactions
  • The total ban on all private sales and transfers, including for inheritance, family, curio and relics, and antique firearms
  • Complete registration of all firearms
  • Bans all “assault weapons”, bump stocks, and large-capacity magazines
  • Makes suppressors illegal again – possession is a felony
  • Requires all ammunition to be purchased in-person from a dealer – all ammunition sales will be tracked and registered
  • Prohibits persons delinquent in paying child support from possessing firearms

Current owners of “assault weapons” may keep them if they are registered and stored in line with newly defined local regulations – and inspected annually by the police.

You can read the bill in its entirety at:

https://www.revisor.mn.gov/bills/text.php. . .

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