A Gunwriter’s Solution: How to Stop School Massacres


Because I’ve been in the hunting/fishing industry for a long time (30-plus years), along the way I’ve met many impressive individuals — marksmen who can shoot with unbelievable accuracy on game or targets, and anglers who can catch fish no matter how tough the conditions. Most of these outdoorsmen were full-time guides, but a select few made their living as full-time writers.

One soft-spoken man who immediately comes to mind is Ron Spomer (below). I first met Ron in the mid-1990s when we worked together on a deer hunting book project (remember books?). Ron is an accomplished writer, photographer, hunter and shooter, and even more importantly, he’s a good guy.

This morning I read an insightful blog by Ron about school safety and guns; click here to check it out. His solution for stopping school killings might surprise you.

P.S. Be sure to tune into Ron Spomer Outdoors on CarbonTV. From birds to bears and shotguns to centerfires, Ron covers it all.

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