Pennsylvania Church Holds Worship Service to Bless Couples with AR-15s


A worship service at a church in Pennsylvania is drawing a lot of attention from folks all across the country, after inviting its guests to bring their AR-15s along with them.

Originally it was reported that the Newfoundland Sanctuary Church was in some way, shape or form “blessing” the rifles, but a Facebook post from the church denies such allegations.

Here’s the post:

According to CBS News, a director working for the church told worshippers the ceremony was meant for blessing couples, not “inanimate objects,” and pointed out the church has held at least one other ceremony like this one.

The ceremony led to a nearby elementary school evacuating their students and moving them to a campus away from the church. Worshippers attending the ceremony were met with fierce protesters:

“It’s scaring people in the community,” one protester said to a church member. “Are you aware of that?” 

But those who showed up for worship were not fazed by the protests.

“People have the right to bear arms, and in God’s kingdom, you have to protect that.” You have to protect against evil,” 41-year-old Sreymom Ouk reportedly stated.

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