Every Non-Hunter Needs to See This Video from Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation


Why doesn’t society recognize the good that we as outdoor enthusiasts do?

Hunters care about wildlife in ways that often times go wildly misunderstood, especially by anti-hunters.

In this short film from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Honoring the Hunted, Shane Mahoney shares his thoughts on that argument and explains how hunters DO care about wildlife.

We care for animals in a fundamental way. Yes we may take the life. And thereby take possession of one wild creature during our hunt. But that does not mean that we do not admire them in life, and wish to see their future secured. Even if that future does not include hunting. Let’s diminish the focus on our achievements and on us. Let’s start honoring what truly matters.

Here’s the video from RMEF: (you may want to turn your speakers up for this!)

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