Military Base Exchange Stores Remove High-Capacity Magazines from Shelves, Limit Sales to 21 and Up


Military base Exchange stores, who regularly serve military families and veterans, have removed all high-capacity ammo clips and magazines from their shelves.

According to WHAS11, magazines and clips capable of holding 11 rounds or more have been pulled off the shelves of all Army and Air Force Exchange Service and Marine Corps Exchange stores.

The move follows in line with other retailers to strengthen their in-store gun policies, and is perhaps the most shocking given their large military customer base. That now makes Walmart, Kroger’s Fred Meyer stores and Dick’s Sporting Goods all alike in that they have banned gun and ammo sales to people under the age of 21-years-old. 

The Army & Air Force Exchange Service however, remains firm on the fact that the decision was based on something else. . .

Here’s a statement from AAFES:

The Army & Air Force Exchange Service has merchandised high-capacity magazines (sold separately) primarily as a result of vendor recommendations to offer the original equipment typically sold with certain firearms. As a result of a recent review, a decision has been made to discontinue the sale of these products (magazines that are sold separately) at the Exchange. The military exchanges’ merchandising strategies and product lines are unique and Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen are encouraged to cross-shop each exchange. The Exchange and MCX policies align on magazines sold separately over a capacity of 11 rounds.

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