Video: Man Records Chilling Encounter of Cougar Stalking Him For Over an Hour


A British Columbia man recorded an hour long encounter with a cougar stalking him while he was out shed hunting.

UPI reports Adam Bartsch’s video was posted to YouTube, and because of it’s sheer intensity, gained over 300K views in a little less than a week. The video shows the chilling moment Adam realized he was being watched, and you can almost feel the cougar’s eyes on you through the video.

“So I just found a shed antler, and there’s a monster, monster tom at 20 meters (65 feet) looking at me, Batsch can be heard saying in the video. And no, I don’t have a gun. I have nothing. And he is huge.”

Adam’s wife, Chantelle Batsch told Global News the mountain lion pursued her husband for nearly an hour.

“This little game went on for about an hour. He actually three times did scare off the cougar successfully, or at least thought so.”

Eventually, the burly cougar gave up on the hunt and decided to seek prey elsewhere – close call!

“Here on Vancouver Island, and in particular the North Island, we have some of the highest cougar densities in North America, so I stress that education is key,” North Island General Duty Officer Steve Petrovcic said.

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