Video: Scuba Diver Swims Through Plastic Wave of Pollution Off Coast of Bali


This scuba diver is swimming through a plastic wave of pollution just off the coast of Bali. It’s an unbelievable, and gut wrenching sight to see our oceans in such dire conditions.

For years, it was believed the oceans that cover out planet were so vast, that nothing  humans ever did could affect them. Although now, scientists are discovering that belief was very wrong.

According to some recent studies, biologists believe our oceans have reached a critical point, and the video below paints a clear, yet frightening picture of what they’re talking about:

The Center for Biological Diversity states that the oceans today are filled with billions of pounds of trash and plastic, and covers up to 40% of the world’s ocean surfaces – Forty. Percent.

The video was posted to YouTube, and found itself on the “trending list” after gaining over 600k views.

An update on the water conditions the following day was provided in the video’s description, and reads as followed:


As expected, the next day, what the currents bringeth, the currents taketh away! The divers who went to Manta Point report they saw no plastic/trash at all. Great for the mantas coming in for a clean at the station, but, sadly the plastic is continuing on its journey, off into the Indian Ocean, to slowly break up into smaller and smaller pieces, into microplastics. But not going away.” 

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