Video: Bald Eagle Puts Hunting Skills on Full Display in Close-Up Video


If you were looking to get a glimpse of an eagle’s hunting skills, this video is the ultimate mic drop.

When an ice angler set up a camera in the middle of a lake in Montana, he captured a magnificent video of a bald eagle putting its hunting skills on full display.

According to Fox News, the angler, identified only as Nate, noticed the eagle surveying a lake from up in a tree in northwest Montana. He instinctively saw this as the perfect opportunity to capture some spectacular wildlife footage.

With the camera set in place, Nate then placed a fish he caught nearby and took a few steps back.

It didn’t take long for the bird of prey to react either. In the video, you can see the eagle circle the frozen snack once, and then swoop in to pluck it off the ice with its razor sharp talons.

Here’s the video: 

Did someone say talons?!

Check out this photo Tracy Nelson shared in CarbonTV’s Northern Michigan Eagle Cam Facebook Group showing how huge an eagle’s talons really are:

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