Video: Bud Fisher and the Catchin’ Deers Crew Go Canada Goose Hunting


Bud Fisher grew up hunting the backwoods of Ontario, Canada, for whitetail deer, but when Canada geese fly overhead, it’s time to point the shotgun barrels skyward and pop some honkers.

In episode two of Catchin’ Deers Presented by Realtree®, Bud calls up a couple of his close friends and his brother, Mike Fisher, for a Canada goose hunt in their backyard of eastern Ontario.

The boys get set up in their layout blinds, and it’s not long before the action heats up, and the birds start falling.

A word of advice to take away from this hilarious waterfowl episode: always double check the birds are dead before bringing them back to the blind. One of the guys learns that lesson in this episode, and it nearly cost him a bite on the nose!

Watch that and plenty more funny moments in the second episode of Catchin’ Deers Presented by Realtree® on CarbonTV:



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