Video: Cam Hanes Responds to Saturday Night Live’s Absurd Anti-Hunting Skit


As hunters, we face more and more scrutiny every day, so when Saturday Night Live attempted to shame hunting and demonize hunters, it struck a nerve with a certain bowhunter.

Cam Hanes has become perhaps one of the most influential voices in the hunting industry today. His passion for hunting is no secret, and as you’ll see in the video below, he isn’t afraid to call others out to defend it.

It all started when Saturday Night Live aired a skit poking fun at hunters.

Not long after it aired, Hanes was seen on Instagram spreading some much needed awareness to those who maybe aren’t familiar with hunting, and might actually take this “fake news” to heart:

And mic drop . . .

Cam said it perfectly: hunting is hard work.

Going into the mountains/woods or wherever the pursuit takes you, and killing an animal to provide food for your family is not easy work. Go ahead and crack your jokes SNL, but know this: hunters will always ban together to stick up for what we believe in, and we will always be here to set the facts straight.

Thanks for once again standing up for hunters everywhere, Cam. Your efforts certainly don’t go unnoticed.

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