Video: Commercial Fishing Boat Collision Buries Crewman


Apparently, working on a fishing boat is a contact sport

There’s a good chance somebody was severely reprimanded after this boating accident . . .

Without a forward-facing camera, it’s nearly impossible to tell which one of these boats cut the other one off – or who was at fault – but regardless, the end result wasn’t pretty. (Be sure to turn up the volume on the Facebook video to hear the collision.)

That’s a pretty bad day at the office . . .

One minute you’re tidying up, and the next, a boat crashes into you and you’re suddenly trapped under a large beam. We also found it strange that the other crewmen began instantaneously shouting out, “Take a picture! Take a picture!”

How about you help out your buddy who was just flattened first?!

We were relieved to see the man moving after the accident, however, it’s unknown if any injuries were reported after this accident.

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