Video: Sweet and Spicy BBQ Alligator . . . in Los Angeles?


Okay, this BBQ alligator recipe might cause some rumblings down in your stomach.

Anybody up for some BBQ gator? 

Alligator meat is often used in a lot of southern style dishes, and is well known for being very mild, and delicious! In this video, chef Arnold Rodriguez, owner of Black Sugar Rib Co., coats a gator from head to tail with a thick, sweet and spicy dry rub, and then places it in the smoker to cook for 5 hours.

“Black Sugar Rib Company’s barbecue is different,” Chef Rodriguez explained. “We are not relatable to Texas, we’re not relatable to Kansas City, we’re not relatable to Carolina. We’re in LA.”

Woah, did he just compare BBQ in LA with the three states that are “kings of BBQ?” Let’s at least hear him out . . .

Watch the video to hear more about Chef Arnold bringing gator cuisine to LA, and see how locals respond to tasting it for the first time.

Spoiler alert: The folks who got to try a bite of this gator will very likely be back for more as soon as Chef Rodriguez breaks out his smoker again.


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