Video: Taste Testing 60-Year-Old ‘Emergency Drinking Water’


What will happen if you drink 60-year-old “emergency drinking water?”

This sort of experiment seems perfectly suited for the Crazy Russian Hacker. In the video below, he cracks open a can of Cold War era H2O, and gives it a taste test.

First, in order to make sure he won’t keel over and die after consuming the water, he runs a couple quality tests. Then, it’s bottoms up!

Watch the video to see what happens:

Turns out, other than a “stale taste,” this 60-year-old water is still good after all these years.

Obviously, in the case of a serious emergency, you should seek something more refreshing than a can of water from the Cold War era, but if there’s truly nothing else and your dying of thirst, these apparently will do the trick.

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