U.S. Senate Candidate Wants to Arm Homeless People With Shotguns for Their Protection


A candidate for U.S. Senate has proposed a plan to raise money for buying homeless people shotguns.

Brian Ellison is a Libertarian candidate in Michigan who – should he win the Libertarian Party’s candidate – would be going up against Democrat, Debbie Stabenow, for a seat with the U.S. Senate in November.

Although Ellison believes pistols would be the “ideal weapon” for homeless people, he says strict gun laws would likely prohibit it.

“Frankly, I think the ideal weapon would be a pistol,” Fox News reports Ellison saying, “but due to the licensing requirements in the state we’re going to have a hard enough time getting homeless people shotguns as it is.”

Ellison announced his “Arm the Homeless” campaign on the same day that students across the country organized national walkouts to protest gun violence.

According to Michigan Radio, here’s Ellison’s thoughts on the walkouts:

“I’d say those kids have been watching too much mainstream media, because I don’t think they understood the reality of the situation.”

He also reportedly stated that mass school shootings are obviously a “terrible thing,” but urges gun control is not the answer.

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