Video: 29-Pound Pike Caught on a Handline Creates Priceless Reactions


Watch these priceless reactions when a group of youngsters got a front-row seat to watch a 29-pound northern pike get pulled through the ice. The fish was impressive, but the kid’s reactions totally stole the show in this video.

When you hook a big fish on a handline, it takes a lot of patience to pull it through the ice. This angler appears to have some experience under his belt, however, and does his best to teach the kids along the way, without losing the giant fish on the other end of his line:

(Warning: video contains language NSFW)

As you can tell, it’s easy to get excited when you start seeing the fish in your hole, but it’s important to remain calm. Once you successfully land the fish, then you can channel your inner child, and celebrate accordingly.

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