Nope, that isn’t Photoshopped. They’re called peacock spiders, and even if spiders aren’t your thing, you have to admit they’re pretty cool!

These tiny arachnid are famous for their dance moves, and intense colors – which helped Jürgen Otto first discover the species about a decade ago in Western Australia. He originally named them Maratus vespa.

Peacock Spider
Image courtesy Peacockspiderman

According to ABC, Dr. Otto said:

“I took a photograph and then later I went home, looked at it on the computer and was just blown away.”

“When I started with all this,  there was not a single picture or video of a peacock spider on the internet. Nine years later now, you get many thousand hits when you type ‘peacock spider’ into Google.”

Other folk’s initial reactions were quite similar when they first laid eyes on the dazzling creature, and it’s easy to see why in Dr. Otto’s incredibly detailed photos and videos on his YouTube channel.

Here’s a video of these spiders showing off their dance moves, and it may just single handedly cure your arachnophobia:

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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