After growing tired of vegan activists protesting outside his restaurant, chef Michael Hunter attempted his own protest by butchering a deer leg in the front window of his Toronto restaurant, Antler Kitchen & Bar.

It’s been reported that the riff started after an employee from Antler wrote a playful message on the chalkboard sign in front of the restaurant reading “Venison is the new kale.”

It was a joke between another restaurant down the street, which Hunter and his crew have become friends with, but apparently the joke didn’t go over well on all fronts. . .

Not long after the chalkboard message had been written, Eater reports Marni Ugar, a vegan activist and local dog walker, arranged a small protest outside Antler. 

And protesters showed up holding signs that said things like “speciesism = discrimination = injustice.”

It carried on throughout the winter, and protesters grew more and more audacious, even to the point where they would scream “murderer” anytime the door of the restaurant opened.

Hunter had finally had enough, and decided he needed to push back. That’s when he got the idea to do this:

Chef admits himself the protesters probably got the best of him, but can you blame the guy?

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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