A man in Oklahoma was out hunting for snakes when things turned deadly in a flash – but it wasn’t the snake’s venom that posed the threat.

Dennis Crow, 51, was reportedly hunting for snakes with a couple friends one afternoon in anticipation for an upcoming rattlesnake festival.

Crow and his snake hunting buddies were searching the Wichita Mountains, when they came across a huge 6-foot rattlesnake.

“A rattlesnake popped out and grabs me on the side of the boot,” Crow recalls. “I jumped a little bit and turned to my side, and saw that both of his fangs were stuck in my boot,” he continued telling KSNAK Live Coverage.

However, not long after encountering the large serpent, Crow’s health started to take a turn for the worse.

“I became wobbly and short of breath. I looked up at Steve (one his friends with him at the time) and told him that we needed to leave – I thought it had to do with my lungs,” he explained.

Once Crow made it to a nearby hospital, he was diagnosed with having a heart attack about 20 minutes after coming in contact with the snake. He would later learn that one of the main arteries in his heart was “99 percent blocked,” according to Fox News, while the other was “36 percent blocked.” 

There’s no doubt Mr. Crow was very fortunate to make it off the mountain in time.

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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