Videos posted on Glacier National Park’s Facebook page show a black bear slowly waking up from hibernation inside a hollow cottonwood tree, and we think you’ll agree it’s almost unbearably cute.

The park set up a webcam across from an old cottonwood tree that’s known to house bears during the cold winters. The den is a large hollowed out hole located high up in the tree’s trunk. This season, according to Great Falls Tribune, a black bear was seen claiming the residence on March 23 and has made a few appearances during the evenings since.

Glacier Park has 13 webcams set up around the park, and many of them have been capturing some sleepy bears in action within the past weeks.

“We often get screenshots from visitors who watch the cameras each day and sometimes capture wildlife crossing through,” Lauren Alley, Glacier management assistant said. “We hear that some people keep the cameras up on their screens at work all day to experience a little piece of Glacier in among their meetings and other workplace stresses.”

When the park originally posted the video last week, it became an instant hit on Facebook, and has now gained 291K views! 

Take a look:

Here’s another video showing the bear poke its nose out a little further, and get a much needed stretch in:

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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