This news reporter shared a special moment with a baby bear cub that will totally have you backpedaling on your fear of bears.

Although bears have been painted as cute and cuddly in Hollywood, don’t be misled. Bears are not what you see in movies, and you definitely wouldn’t want to run into one in the wild.

With that being said, like any animal, their babies can actually melt your heart.

At least that’s what this news reporter figured out when some bear cubs from Yellowstone Bear World came to visit the station. Watch the video below, and turn up the volume. The little cub made itself so comfortable in her arms, it actually started to purr:

Look at those claws. . .

Shara Park was obviously surprised by the racket this little bear cub was making. She even asked the bear’s handler what the noise meant, and it turns out bears purr just like a cat will when they’re relaxed or happy.


Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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