Country music artist Jason Aldean shared his thoughts on guns in a recent interview, and says they are just “too easy to get.”

In a recent interview with the Associated Press, Aldean, who was on stage performing during the Las Vegas mass shooting in October, said he believes there are cracks in our nation’s laws when it comes to background checks for firearm purchases.

“It’s too easy to get guns, first and foremost,” he said. “When you can walk in somewhere and you can get one in 5 minutes, do a background check that takes 5 minutes, like how in-depth is that background check?”

Aldean did however make a point to say he doesn’t believe people should have their guns taken away from them, and that he himself owns a lot of them.

His biggest concern in all of this, is that these tragedies are just used to fuel political arguments which have overshadowed any discussions about gun control.

“Nobody is looking at what the actual issue is and really how to come to an agreement and make a smart decision,” Aldean reportedly stated.

In the interview, Aldean talks about going to visit survivors from the Las Vegas shooting in the hospital, and how the whole experience has effected his life. He shares feelings of happiness that his family and friends weren’t injured, but also guilt for everyone who was there to see him perform.

Although countless others have spoken out about the need for stricter gun control since the shooting, Aldean has refrained from subjecting himself to political debates about guns. He says “it’s a no-win situation. I think what you say, whether you’re for gun control or not, you’re setting yourself up to be crucified in the public eye or in the media.”

Aldean will be releasing his eighth studio album this week, “Rearview Town.”

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