A senior at the University of Tennessee posed for a graduation photo that instantly sparked a viral gun debate.

The photo shows 22-year-old Brenna Spencer lifting a pink “Women for Trump” t-shirt and exposing a handgun in the front of her waistband.

The part that ruffled some feathers for some folks, was where the picture was taken.

Apparently, Spencer’s post grad photo-shoot took place outside the Hunter Museum of American Art, and people on Twitter attempted to call her out for illegally carrying in a “gun free zone…”

Despite the wild amount of hate she received for her pro 2A tweet, Brenna says she followed all concealed carry laws, and doesn’t regret the photo in the slightest.

“I know the Tennessee state gun codes… I carry everywhere that I’m allowed to carry,” she said in an interview.

Spencer did receive some positive messages for sticking to her guns, and was offered a piece of advice for a safer carrying method:

She promptly responded to confirm that she does in-fact have the proper holster, and only pulled the gun out a little for the photo.

Image courtesy Twitter

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