Nowadays, the phrase “That dog will hunt” has taken on a meaning of itself. You might hear it at a gun range after somebody fires a brand new shotgun, or I’ve even heard someone on the golf course shout “That dog will hunt” after they hit a good shot.

The will of a dog can push us out of bed to go hunt when it’s dark and cold outside, it can even cause headaches and frustration when they choose to disobey, but nothing makes us more proud than seeing that dog’s will drive its very first retrieve in the field. A dog’s will is the reason we love them.

Right now, SportDOG Brand is running a cool contest where they’re asking followers to submit photos showing what #ThatDogWill do for a chance to win prizes.

Here’s how you can enter:

On Facebook, enter via the #ThatDogWill giveaway tab or visit

On Instagram and Twitter, use #ThatDogWill and tag @SportDOGBrand with your dog photos to enter.

One winner will be chosen each month, and at the end of 12 months we’ll let our followers pick the best of the best for a grand prize.

We like seeing your hunting dog photos too! So feel free to share your favorite photos of your gun dog in action with us as well.

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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