In what can only be described as a prize you do not want to win, a North Carolina based brewery awarded a handful of diners with a special surprise as part of their exotic meat month. Bull City Burger and Brewery posted the news on their Twitter account last week, letting the lucky few know that their number was called to pull up a chair at the Tarantula table. 


Twitter user Kathy Hanrahan posted about her experience and an image of what might be the most awful burger we have ever seen. 


Some of the other items that Bull City Burger and Brewery lists on their site as part of Exotic Meat month include pythons and scorpions. I can hear the waiter now, “Sir, how would you like your Tarantula cooked?”.

What are your thoughts on the Tarantula burger. Let us know in the comments below. 

Image is courtesy of Kathy Hanrahan

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