Next time you’re walking through the woods scouting a new potential hunting spot, stop and look around for old homemade ladder stands.

These old stands are important to take note of. The old timers who used to hunt from them likely knew something about the land you’re scouting, and it could be a good spot to setup your ladder stand for the upcoming hunting season.

It wasn’t very long ago that hunting from a treestand was relatively new to hunters. Not to say it wasn’t done, but hunters typically constructed their own method of hunting from above.

The very first “practical” ladder stands were clunky, and difficult to maneuver, but it was clear they provided a big advantage.

Today, with more advanced materials and new technologies, manufacturers are designing ladder stands to be lighter, safer, quieter, and more enjoyable to hunt out of than ever before.

Best Ladder Stands 

Best Ladder Stands 2018

Big Game Treestands: NextGen Stealth Deluxe Ladder Stand

This ladder stand is very versatile for hunting all season long. It allows a bowhunter who needs to adjust for a shooting lane to flip the seat, footrest, and shooting/safety rail out of the way – or be removed altogether.

The 20″ x 15″ ‘zero gravity’ seat is a joy to sit in, and the armrests are padded for additional comfort. When assembled, the ladder stand measures 17′.

The total weight of the NextGen Stealth stand and ladder is 55 lbs, and is capable of supporting up to 300 lbs.



Best Ladder Stands 2018

Millennium L110 21-ft. Single Ladder Stand

You won’t find any flaws in this ladder stand design. It features a double-railing ladder which makes getting in and out of the stand a breeze.

It’s one of the taller stands available on the market, but ladder sections can be subtracted to give hunters a height range of 8′ to 21′.

The Millennium L110 weighs 92 lbs and can hold a max weight of 300 lbs.


Best Ladder Stands 2018

Hawk® Big Denali™ 2.0-Man Ladder Stand

Taking a buddy hunting with you? This ladder stand is what you need. 

The Big Denali features a unique design, proving just how far treestands have come over the years. It’s obviously made for two people, which is great if you like a little company, or if you’re bringing a youngster along for their first hunt.

The MeshComfort seats are what really make this treestand stick out from the rest. They’re nicely padded, and about the same size as a lawn chair. 

We will say that the platform is a tad on the small side measuring 51.25″ x 16.75″, but hunters are still fully capable of taking standing shots from this stand. 

The Hawk® Big Denalli™ measures 18′ from the ground when fully assembled, and weighs in at 105 lbs.


Best Ladder Stands 2018

Big Game Big Buddy® Two-Man Ladderstand

For good measure, we thought we’d throw another solid two person ladder stand on this list, and the Big Buddy fits the bill perfectly. 

This one is built with a similar design to the one above, but with a few more options for variability.

Its 38″ x 17″ bench seat is padded for comfort, and comes with a removable backrest for more room, just in case it gets crowded up there.

The Big Buddy measures 16′ above ground, and only weighs 64 lbs! This is one of the lightest two-person stands on the market. 

Best Ladder Stands


Summit Vine Ladder Stand:

When you’re in the woods, and a big old buck starts closing in the distance, blending in with the environment is key for staying concealed. With a unique curved aesthetic that breaks up straight lines, The Vine Single Ladder Stand helps hunters stay covert, and camouflaged in the elements.

The Vine Stand has a total weight of 110 lbs, and supports up to 300 lbs.

When fully constructed, The Vine reaches a max height of 20 feet off the ground.

Image courtesy Flickr

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