Last week, a Colorado man was bitten by a shark, and thereby achieved a feat that nobody will want to outdo. 

Dylan McWilliams has been on the receiving end of both bear and rattlesnake bites before, but he recently completed the trifecta when he was bit by a shark while in Hawaii, Fox reports.

“I don’t know, I’m either really lucky or really unlucky,” McWilliams told the Honolulu Star-Advertiser.

Fortunately for the young outdoorsman, the shark realized McWilliams wasn’t food and left him with deep cuts to one of his leg, but no other life-threatening injuries.

“The scariest part was swimming back,” he told Hawaii News Now Reported, adding that there was significant blood in the water, and his only hope was that the shark would not continue to follow him to shore.

Think about that for a minute, what do you think the odds are of being bitten by these three deadly species in under four years?

Just a little over a year ago in July, McWilliams had to have nine staples in his scalp after a large 300-pound bear dragged him around his campsite by his head.

And as for the rattlesnake encounter, that was the start of this whole crazy fiasco.

Luckily, McWilliams was only hit with a small dose of venom, so he only fell briefly ill afterward.

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