A successful survival tactic used in abundance in nature is one organism mimicking the appearance of another, more intimidating organism in order to fool its predators. Perhaps no other creature on the planet has mastered this tactic better than the hawk moth caterpillar.

When threatened, the hawk moth caterpillar will flip itself over, revealing its underside, which conveniently looks strikingly similar to a dangerous snake. The anterior portion (head) inflates to form a diamond-shaped “head.” When fully inflated, the “eyes” of the snake-like head appear as if they’re wide open.

Despite not having a drop of venom in its body, this harmless caterpillar does a stellar impersonation of a deadly snake. It’s even learned and adopted similar body movements of a snake ready to strike.

Here’s a video showing a hawk moth put its skills on display:

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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