A deer in Maine was captured on video surfing on a block of fast-moving ice as it floated down the St. John river.

The video was shot by Bev Jandreau, and it became an instant sensation on social media. Jandreau told local news outlets that a relative had called to tell her about the deer trapped on the river, so she went to see for herself.

When Jandreau made it to the river, this was the scene she was faced with:

According to Press Herald, the deer had already been seen by others about 12 miles upstream from where Jandreau saw it, so this deer made quite the trek!

Here’s another video posted on Tylor Kellys Camps Allagash Maine’s Facebook page:

The post reads:

We held our breathe when this brave little deer stranded on the rushing ice floated by us today. We were watching the ice run out of the St John River at Cross Rock. The deer floated at least 2 miles downstream before we lost sight of it. I hope it made it to shore. Wish we could have done something to help.

To the delight of several thousand people watching, this story does end happily with the deer jumping off the frozen surfboard, hopping up on the river bank, and disappearing into the woods.

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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