A giant alligator measuring 11 feet, 6 inches had to be captured and removed from a highway in Cleveland, Texas.

Why did the alligator cross the road? Apparently to get to the nearest Whataburger located off US 59!

According to the Houston Chronicle, authorities were called after the gator was clipped by an 18-wheeler as it crossed the southbound lane, just outside a Whataburger restaurant.

The alligator did survive being hit by the truck, so authorities called in a local wildlife wrangler for assistance in relocating the animal.

Chance Ward, a Tarkington resident who aided several animals during Hurricane Harvey, arrived on scene and posted the following photos/video of the encounter:

Chance Ward
Chance Ward
Chance Ward

Here are more details provided by Mr. Ward in his Facebook post:

I have been fortunate to catch many animals alive in my life.
Sergeant Edwards called and woke me out of bed. Said there was a Gator in US 59 and would like my assistance of capturing it alive and relocating with approval from Game warden. Sergeant Edwards with Cleveland TX PD, other PD officers and the Cleveland Fire department were such great help of stopping traffic and assistance. The Gator measured 11′ 6″ and will be relocated alive to a safe place out of harm’s way. We safely placed the Gator on the flat bed of my truck and strapped him for the ride. Only in Texas will you get a Gator and Whataburger in the same picture.

Sergeant Edwards was very helpful with helping me untie the Gator in my stock trailer until relocation in the morning. If you get a chance thank our local law enforcement and firemen as the not only pull the criminals off the streets they help keep the wildlife and livestock safe.

While Sergeant Edwards rode with me to take the Gator to my trailer, the Chief had taken the time to call and make sure everyone was safe and the Gator was moved safely. This is why I love the community I live in.

A dinosaur we named George.

And here’s the latest update on that massive burger loving alligator:

Here is the final release of Ole George. He has a nice new lake to claim as home. The closest major highway is over 20 miles away. Let’s hope he finds him a pretty lady and stays.

Image courtesy Facebook

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