Whether you’re looking for some “Monday motivation” to start your week, or just like hearing a good success story, take a minute to watch this short video from MTN OPS. It details the incredibly inspiring story of a double amputee, who refused to give up on living his life to the fullest, providing for his family, and how bowhunting helped fuel his fire.

Born with a disease that causes structural deformities and muscle wasting in both of his legs, Sidney Smith has conquered numerous challenges throughout his entire life.

Giving up was simply never an option.

In the video from MTN OPS below, Sidney walks you through his thoughts the night before the amputation, the battles he’s over come, and why he’ll never give up on living his life outdoors. 

The night before the amputation, I decided to walk on cold grass. That feeling of cold grass under your feet is just a beautiful feeling.

For a daily dose of motivation, give Sid a follow on Instagram, too! (@tri_nofeet) He’s always posting pictures of his marathon training, and occasionally shares some of his hunting photos as well!


New “tattoo” for the running legs! @cameronrhanes Thanks for the shoutout and constant motivation! I think my run times just got faster😉. The #KEEPHAMMERING isnt just a cool logo. It’s a moto that I’ve used over and over and over again to get me where I am and where I want to go. It’s such a simple phrase yet the power behind it produces results! Its the excuses we tell ourselves that is holding us back. Guaranteed we all fall on our asses! Get up & Keep 🔨🔨💥 Only you can decide if your a failure or a successor. #ANTIQUIT . . #camhanes #itsallmental #nolegsnolimits #amputeeoutdoors #noexcuses #conqueryourunknown #motivation #run #running #MTNOPS #trailrunning #getoffyourass #howiconquer #inspirationalquotes #finishstrong #nobodycaresworkharder #summitstrong #bowhunting #archery #legend #prosthetics #quityourbitchin #nobodycaresgoharder #fitnesslifestyle

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Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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