A family at a safari park was chased down by a coalition of cheetahs, and just barely escaped unscathed. The heart-stopping incident was all caught on video below.

Initially, the cheetahs don’t pay any attention to the family, but at the 2:03 mark, the family exits their vehicle again, and this time, the big cats take notice. Seconds later, a woman holding a small child is surrounded by cheetahs, and only by pure luck wasn’t pounced on and attacked.

Everybody eventually makes it safe inside the car, and you can only imagine how fast their hearts must have been racing.

The video was shot by another group of tourists behind them, and we have to warn you, the intense situation caused them to use some colorful language.

Here’s the video: (WARNING: Language NSFW)

It’s hard to imagine why people would ever exit their cars at one of these parks. This reminded us of another video taken at a safari park that shows a woman being dragged away by a huge tiger. Check out that video by right here.

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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