Brittany Jill is a fitness guru, die-hard Green Bay Packers fan, and a wizard with a fishing pole in her hand. Just watch her fight and land a monster hybrid striped bass from shore in the video she posted on social media.

A quick scroll through her Instagram page (@britt_jill_) makes it clear as day that if you’re a fan of the outdoors and aren’t already following her, you really should be. 

Here are just a couple of our favorite posts from Brittany that show she means business when it comes to hunting and fishing:

And now, here’s the video of that awesome fight with a striped bass:

On Twitter, Brittany let her followers know she was using a YUM Dinger bait, which did a heck of a job enticing that bass!

Congratulations, Jill and thanks for sharing this sweet video. Fish on!

Image is a screenshot from the Instagram video

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