Video: ‘Family Guy’ Hilariously Trolls Boat Launch Failures


Launching a boat can go one of two ways: either everything lines up and it’s smooth sailing, or you end up in the latest “boat launch failure video” being shared by all your friends across social media.

We’ve all had to learn the ropes of backing a boat down a narrow ramp into the water, and we’ve also witnessed what it looks like when a rookie steps up to the plate to take a crack at it.

It’s a skill that takes plenty of repetitions to really master, so if you’ve never attempted to launch a boat at a crowded boat launch, well… let’s just say things can spiral in a hurry.

The writers from ‘Family Guy’ recently trolled those anglers who seem to have trouble launching their boats, and it might feel a lot like déjà vu for some. . .

Good luck not laughing as you watch Peter Griffin attempt to get his boat on the water:

Remind you of anyone?

We all have that family member who’s patience seem to run on “E” at all times, so be sure you have your camera ready next time they’re trying to launch a boat.

It can make for some grade A video material that may even end up here on OutdoorHub!

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