Video: Can You Find a Dog That Loves Watching Hunting TV Shows as Much as This Belgian Malinois?


This Belgium Malinois just can’t get enough watching hunting TV shows!

Here at OutdoorHub, we love all dogs. In particular, a muddy duck dog or pointy shorthair is our forte, but any K9 that shares the love for hunting is cool by us. So, after this awesome malinois appeared on my Instagram feed, I challenge you to find a dog that loves hunting more than this:

Belgian Malinois can sometimes be confused with German Shephards, except the malinois looks like a tougher, more athletic dog. calls them the “police of the dog world,” and this is a very appropriate comparison, as malinois are frequently used in law-enforcement and military scenarios.

Like other breeds, I would recommend those who desire to own a malinois do extensive research before pulling the trigger. These dogs can be incredibly loyal and obedient, but they require an owner who is capable of demonstrating authority over them. 

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