EcoRobotix Builds Weed-Killing AI Robot That Can Tell Plants Apart


A new army of ecoRobotix robots are on the horizon and they could potentially disrupt the multi-billion dollar pesticides business.

Founded in 2011, the Swiss company ecoRobotix works to develop autonomous weeding robots that assist farmers in growing healthier crops and using a more efficient and sustainable amount of herbicides.

The coffee table-looking machines are powered by solar energy, while artificial intelligence helps them pinpoint and deliver a dose of herbicide on any unwanted weeds among the crops. According to CNBC, ecoRobotix uses as little as 20 times less herbicide that traditional methods that spray entire fields – crops and all – and can kill weeds for up to 12 hours straight!

Even John Deere has made a play for robotic farming solutions. In 2017, the company acquired California-based agriculture tech firm Blue River Technology for $305 million.

To make a long story short, it’s safe to say that farming as we know it today could soon look a whole lot different with robots running the farms.

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