Police Say Man Lied About Being Shot in Neck With Arrow


Back in April, a Michigan man told authorities that he had been shot in the neck with an arrow while shed hunting in the woods one afternoon, except that’s not exactly what went down and he’s now being charged with filing a false report of a felony, Click on Detroit reports.

In the original report, 61-year-old Michael Downey said the arrow “could have been shot carelessly by an inexperienced hunter,” but it turns out this little mishap was actually caused by his own misfortune – not a hunter.

According to Click on Detroit, after spending a “considerable amount of time” investigating the case, state police found that Downey actually fell on the arrow while walking in the woods, and blatantly fabricated the “inexperienced hunter” story because he was embarrassed.

Downey appeared in court last week, but no further information on his charges has been reported at this time.

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