HECS Stealthscreen Clothing Helps Hunters Combat Animal’s ‘Sixth Sense’


It is now widely accepted that living creatures, including humans, produce an electrical energy field that can be detected by animals. So, as hunters, we need a way to combat this “sixth sense.” Enter HECS Stealthscreen clothing.

We’ve all experienced a scenario while hunting that defies explanation. A deer walking by your treestand suddenly pinpoints your location even though you covered your scent, the wind is perfect, and you haven’t moved a muscle.

Or did you?

See, your heart is a big muscle, and it’s constantly moving – at least that’s the hope! – but, what if I told you that your own heartbeat could be sending a location signal through the entire forest?

If you’ve ever listened to a hunter recall a certain hunt where he was busted by an animal, you’ve likely heard the excuse before: “That buck knew I was there like it had a sixth sense or something.”

Turns out, that’s not far off from the truth!

In fact, many animals have the ability to detect even the slightest change in the electrical environment around them. How fascinating?!

For us as hunters though, this makes things awfully tricky, and we need to start taking this sixth sense into account each time when we step into the woods.

You may have heard of these HECS suits before, as they’re highly popular among spear fishermen. But, to make it as simple as possible, HECS conductive carbon fiber grid is specially woven into clothing to block the electrical energy that’s created by our bodies. By blocking these signals, we instantly appear to look more like just a pile of sticks than ever before.

For more information, watch this video below:

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