Indiana Man Finds ‘Giant Beast’ Fishing Spider That Walks On Water


A man in Indiana came across something while working on a boat one afternoon that will make your skin crawl. It’s six inches long, has eight legs, and apparently can walk on water, CBS Detroit reports.

Jacob Collins posted photos of the beastly fishing spider on Facebook, warning others that “they are out there and they are real.”

Here’s what he found that caused such a ruckus:

“They found this giant beast on a boat at work today. Beware all Elkhart county residents. They are out there and they are real,” the post reads, which has now been shared over 10,000 times.

The “giant beast” is actually a fishing spider, and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources reportedly told WTTV that despite their some might say “horrifying appearance,” these spiders are relatively harmless.

As for the arachnid’s ability to walk on water, experts say the spider’s three-inch legs use the surface tension of water to stay afloat.

After it’s quick little boat ride, the fishing spider was caught, and released back into the wild.

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