Video: Angry Skateboarding Circus Bear Attacks Handler as Audience Watches in Horror


The amazing things animals can do and the ruthlessness of their world is absolutely fascinating, but the power they possess is something often misjudged and it leads to incidents like the video below. A skateboarding circus bear attacking its handler after performing a stunt for a large crowd.

A shocking video surfaced from Russia, showing a bear turn on its handler and violently attack him during a show.

The bear rides down a ramp on a skateboard, and then something suddenly goes awry, as the bear pulls away from a handler holding onto its leash – as if that was going to do anything – and charges another circus member inside the ring.

The audience watched on in horror as other handlers begin hitting the bear with large sticks in attempts to deter the bear, but its focus remained solely on the one handler.

Eventually, the bear lets go and the man stands up. It’s tough to tell from the video, but he doesn’t appear to have suffered any serious injuries and walked out of the circus ring on his own.

The video can be seen below, but we do warn you, it’s pretty intense.

Viewer discretion is advised:

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