Residents Confused After Blacktip Shark Suspiciously Washed Up in a Texas Neighborhood


Residents in a Texas neighborhood were highly befuddled after some heavy rainfall suspiciously washed up a blacktip shark in their neighborhood.

The two-foot long shark was originally discovered laying next to the curb by Joeena Davis, who took out her phone and snapped a picture for her Facebook page:

This odd discovery sparked a debate throughout the neighborhood and on Facebook whether the shark washed up from overflowing drains, or if it was placed there on purpose as a prank.

According to Fox News, an animal control supervisor with the La Porte Animal Control Department said fishermen likely dumped the shark in the neighborhood.

Officials later disposed of the shark’s body.

Blacktips are extremely swift and energetic. They are also known to become highly aggressive in the presence of food, making them responsible for a number of shark attacks, however, their aggression doesn’t come close to bull sharks. Remember that time we watched a bull shark take out some anger on BlacktipH’s boat?

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