Video: Here’s How the ‘Tick Explosion’ Has Impacted Whitetail Deer


Since reporting that we would be invaded by a “tick explosion” this summer, everything we’ve gathered based on our own experiences, and other field reports, suggest that proclamation was indeed true.

So, how has this “tick explosion” impacted the whitetail deer who live in these tick infested environments?

Watch the shocking video from below which serves as a good reminder that life for a young fawn is much different than Walt Disney portrayed.

Before checking out the video, here’s a Facebook post from Dr. Grant Woods with a little background information:

Ticks can have a devastating impact on the health of a deer herd. They host and spread a multitude of diseases, and like you’ll see in this video, can cause some serious issues in young fawns who bed in tall grass for weeks at a time:

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