Video: Remote Controlled Gator Head Prank Doesn’t Go Over Well With Some Folks


Remember that video of a guy dropping a flying elbow on an alligator to save his friend? Well, if you called bogus it turns out you were in fact correct, and we dug up a 6 minute video showing the same exact remote controlled gator head trick being played on other folks.

Let’s just say the prank didn’t go over well on them either. . .

Can you blame though? If you thought you were about to become a gator’s lunch, only to discover it was just a remote controlled gator head. . . you wouldn’t be too thrilled either.

Luckily, most people in this video were good sports about it, and even agreed to appear on their practical jokes YouTube channel.

Regardless of the video being a fake, we think The Rock would still give that flying elbow a 10/10.

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