Canadian Fisherman Nets a Multicolored Crustacean That Resembles Cotton Candy


Lobsters don’t make headlines very often, but a Canadian fisherman caught a multicolored crustacean that you have to see to believe.

Robinson Russell caught the multicolored crustacean with shades of pink and blue near Grand Manan Island, which as CBS reports is only a few miles off the coast of Maine. It was hauled in about 8 months ago in mid November, but the photo recently became popular on a ‘Best of Maine’ Instagram account, (@igersmaine) and you can see why folks would be curious:

Exactly how rare is a multicolored crustacean like the one Russell caught?

We’ve seen lobsters in varying shades of blue, yellow, even rainbow colored, but Dr. Andrew Jeffs from the University of Auckland’s Institute of Marine Science told TIME that this kind of cotton candy lobster could be a 1-in-100 million catch.

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