Retired U.S. Marine Braves California Wildfires to Rescue Horses, Other Livestock


As raging deadly wildfires continue to blaze in California, a retired U.S. Marine has been working tirelessly to keep stranded horses and other livestock out of harms way.

As Reuters reports, Tucker Zimmerman remains modest about his heroic acts. “I’m just the guy who moves stuff around,” Zimmerman said, the “stuff” referring to horses and other animals left behind after owners were forced to flee.

Going from one evacuation zone to another, Zimmerman has already saved numerous animals, and transported them to the safety of stables, rodeo grounds and ranches whose owners have welcomed the steady flow of rescued livestock.

“He restored my faith in humanity,” Noah Urban, an Oregon resident said after Zimmerman rescued his 6-year-old horse named Bolt.

And while he has unequivocally proven his skills for rescuing panicked horses, the former Marine has saved other humans, too!

“I saved a guy named Matt. He was trying to water down his house” as flames burst from the interior of the home, though, Zimmerman told the man “Let’s go!”

This video shows what it’s like to drive through a wildfire long after everyone else has evacuated. The video was filmed in Anderson Springs, California about three years ago:

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