Wolf and Pit Bull Square Off in a Wild Video


Wolves are right near the top of the list of animals you don’t want to run into in the wild. Which is why you won’t believe this video showing a wolf and a pit bill square off against one another.

Wolves are highly aggressive, and are known for taking down prey much larger than themselves with ease, but there’s a catch..

See, wolves are accustomed to hunting in packs, out numbering their prey until it essentially gives up; which is something a pit bull knows nothing about. Pit bulls don’t exactly have the best reputation themselves. Many think of them as unpredictable and dangerous – which is a common misconception.

As you’ll see in the video, however, this particular pit bull is not afraid of any big bad wolf:

That dog earned itself another scoop of dinner and an extra long belly rub after that!

Now, after watching the video several times, we’ve determined it might in fact be a coyote and not to a wolf. The video is quite grainy, so it’s tough to tell for sure, but it appears way too small to be a wolf. Unless it was a young wolf trying to earn it’s marks.

In the end, we’re just relieved these two went their separate ways without exchanging any blows.

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