Drury Outdoors Launches Game-Changing ‘DeerCast’ Hunting App


Deer hunters rejoice! Now there’s an app you can download to your cell phone that can help make you a better bowhunter. Drury Outdoors introduces ‘DeerCast’ a revolutionary new smartphone app that promises to be a real game changer for the upcoming whitetail season.

DeerCast combines information that Mark and Terry Drury have been using to predict deer activity for over seventy years, along with hour-by-hour, real-time, algorithm-driven deer movement forecasts for your precise location. The app matches your local weather information with the distinct characteristics of each of the thirteen phases of whitetail season to deliver a forecast of peak deer movement custom to wherever your deer stand hides.

DeerCast has virtually everything you need to get ahead of the game, and it’s completely free during this first year. Get it for iOS or Android beginning August, 28 2018.

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