Mexico City Restaurant Busted for Serving Tarantula Tacos Made With a Protected Species


We’re pretty supportive of Taco Tuesday here at OutdoorHub. A ground venison taco served on a fresh tortilla with all the fixings? Sign us up! This next story we dug up, though, might force us to skip Taco Tuesday until next week. . .

A Mexico City restaurant recently featured a taco on its menu that we want absolutely nothing to do with; tarantula tacos.

The restaurant apparently posted a video on Facebook showing a chef preparing one of the arachnids by torching it until blackened. But there’s one big problem with what the restaurant was doing. According to the Associated Press, the Mexican red rump tarantula they were serving is a protected species.

Federal authorities were alerted of the situation via social media and seized four tarantula corpses that were ready to be served up for Taco Tuesday.

The going rate for a tarantula taco was apparently around 500 pesos, which is a big bump up from your average street taco!

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