Trio of Brothers Discover Giant Squid Washed Up on a New Zealand Beach


Holy calamari! – A giant squid washed up measuring just over 13-feet on a beach in New Zealand, and was discovered by three brothers right before they jumped in for a dive.

According to The Sun, Daniel, Jack and Matthew Aplin traveled to a beach near Wellington, New Zealand when they noticed an unusually large figure sprawled out on the sand. The three brothers are no strangers to coming across strange things on the beach, but this is reportedly the first time they have found a washed-up squid.

“After we went for a dive we went back to it and got a tape measure out and it measured 4.2 meters long,” Daniel Aplin told the New Zealand Herald.

The brothers then called the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, who came out to retrieve the squid.

Experts say the find was almost certainly a giant squid, (Architeuthis dux) who spend a great deal of time in the deepest waters of our oceans, which begs the question: how did this 13-foot “monster” wind up on a beach?

Officials are still trying to solve what caused this sea creature’s death, so we’ll work to keep you updated once we hear more.

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